Prosody - Jargon of the Day Mp3 [2:43]
Prosody, Linguistic Structure and Interaction. A lecture by Peter Roach, part 2 Mp3 [9:21]
Elimar ░ Prosody ☼ Café Del Mar Mp3 [5:43]
Pat Pattison Returns - Songwriting Clinic - Prosody and Tone of Voice Mp3 [34:00]
IPA for Language Learning - allophones, utterances & prosody (4 of 4) Mp3 [5:45]
Prosody - Jargon of the Day Mp3 [5:25]
Prosody - The early days. A lecture by Peter Roach, part 1 Mp3 [8:58]
Elimar - Prosody - Mp3 [5:44]
Pat Pattison - Introduction to Prosody in songwriting Mp3 [4:13]
Intro to Phonology: Prosody & Phonotactics (lesson 3 of 4) Mp3 [2:24]
Prosody Victim of the Zodiac video Mp3 [4:41]
60-Second Science: Duane Watson on Prosody and Language Comprehension Mp3 [1:05]
Elements of Classical Prosody from Greek and Sanskrit Mp3 [6:35]
PaigeTV {Music Concert - Prosody} Mp3 [5:47]
Prosody - Broken Wings Mp3 [4:35]
001 Casserly's Complete System of Latin Prosody understanding Latin Poetry Mp3 [3:49]
Heartbreak - Prosody / Prosody Musiq Mp3 [4:06]
Prosody Mp3 [3:47]
(Part 1/2) What's in a voice? Mindreading and prosody in ASD Mp3 [9:14]
Prosody - Amour ou la dialectique du couple (1989) Mp3 [3:19]

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